Moosehead Lake

July 15, 2008

Moosehead lake.. is all about the moose.  This town thrives on the moose and the tours support this little sleepy town’s economy.  Some of the roads here are dirt and when you travel on them it feels like you might need new shocks after this.   We got up at 5 and got ready. We had no idea where our tour guide was going to meet us. We headed into town found the outfitter and a little place to get coffee for James. We walked into this little cafe which had maybe three tables. Locals reading the newspaper and the waitress who knew them all and what they took in their coffee.  It reminded us so much of the television show Northern Exposure.

We decided to take a canoe trip out to see the Moose. Other companies promised moose sightings as well but were van tours.  I knew my pictures of Moose would be of moose in the road and although those might be cool, I was looking for more natural views of the moose, something a bit more majestic.

The road trip out to put our canoes in was about an hour. Our guide was this fierce woman who could easily lift two guys over her shoulder and carry them off.  She was an avid hunter and fly fisher and seemed extremely knowledgeble about the environment she called home.  She carried the canoes herself down to the lake which were strapped to the roof of her van. She lifted them off and carried them with ease down to the lake and then helped us in the canoe.

A couple of years ago I told many of you that I would divorce James if we ever ended up in a canoe again.  We are kayakers and the canoe is like a foreign object to us and our last paddling experience was not great especially with slamming into the river bank in early January. We did fine this time…which was good.

We did see two moose.  I wish I had a bigger camera lense, but you’ll just have to take this for what it is worth, but let me tell you seeing the moose in its natural habitat and where the world was just quietly watching was one of the best experiences I have ever seen.


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